Business in growth (ramp yours up)

We all see success stories relating to Business in growth (ramp yours up) and how they are outdoing you. Here we show you how to join the winners.

Where is your business in the build cycle?

Businesses all have a life cycle;

  • Develop
  • Build
  • Growth
  • Expansion
  • Maturity

When you exclude develop and build they all need a growth factor that continues for the life of the business. There are two ways, up or down, so which do you choose?

Changing markets in business.

There is no doubt that business marketing has changed and it is now all about the internet.

Your Webpage is the most important part of your business and the SEO behind it delivers a flow of new business options.

How do you get more interested is a perennial question.

The five important business strategies for new business

  • Facebook, believe me, it still works
  • Instagram, the trending giant
  • YouTube taking over Google in results
  • Newsletters
  • Email marketing

It is important to limit your marketing to just a few opportunities because they all take time away from your day job.

Furthermore, it is also important to understand the role of Social Media. It is a product to deliver customers to your web site or directly to you. However, my research tells me there are changes in the wind.

Facebook today

The role of Facebook is to educate, entertain and funnel new business to your website. It has changed but it is very easy to keep current. Facebook has a great message scheduler that allows you to post well ahead.

Remember we use Facebook to consider your business.


This is really good for a Female audience 18-55 as well as many other groups. Instagram is growing faster than all the others because of the push by the Owners Facebook Group. I recently wrote a lot more on this on Instagram for business which covers the subject in a lot more detail.


Now don’t leave me here because people search YouTube nearly as often as Google for all sorts of ideas.
How to do things, branding Selling are all done on YouTube.

Fortunately, it is now easy to use and I have given you an easy way to try this without spending money at Content Samurai


One simple procedure that packs a punch. It is regular (at least every Month) and completes the customer contact cycle.

Again I have written about this in an article on my blog for newsletters and the simple format for results.

Email marketing

If you have a list, this one is still a winner in customer contact and new business. I market every day to a part of my list to maintain contact and get the opportunity to sell a product

If you don’t have a list I recently gave you ways and reasons you must have a list

What business products help sales

Certainly, you must be with LinkedIn to complete the circle of the brand.
offers a great business for many outlets and is growing stronger by the day.

SMS is working well and can be very strong when used correctly

In conclusion

I have spun a few ideas that cost no money but have traction in the market. Ideas that you must consider to work the market to its best for your business.
I have linked a few articles to other writing I have done to provide a broader range of knowledge.

Peter Hanley has several business blogs including


business in growth (ramp yours up)
Peter Hanley

Real lousey Keywords

Here Peter Hanley looks at Real lousy keywords and the impact they have on a website. Can you  mess up this big and still obtain good SEO

What is a real lousy Keyword and how does it become so?

The idea of a Keyword is that people will search on it and find you.
I have chosen this particular keyword simply because it is a real lousy keyword with no search volume. Hence I am playing a game to get it ranked.

Short keywords

If you use a term of a brand you are wasting your time. Say we want to search something like Nike. You are competing with about 2 billion searches for a top spot. You are hidden on page 2 million and you need to be on page one. That folk is a long way to go.

Real lousey keywords

So how could you rank your keyword better?

The first thing is to go from short form to long tail keyword. You do this by adding words to the term Nike.
Nike men shoes is a start but still getting lost in the Google abyss.

real lousy keywords

So think about what people would search to find a pair of runners. You can cut down to a style a size or a location.
Nike men’s shoes Metcom 4 size 12 in Alabama, now you are getting closer to the mark, about 193000 searches.
You need to weed out the Nike store and eBay plus Amazon and a few others that dominate the niche.
Use a search consol and play till you find the correct words that get the searches and get you a chance at a first-page birth,

What about your name and SEO?

Your own name as a domain will usually obtain a first uplisting. So when you chose a domain name chose with care so that you open up your search opportunities.
You can not use other peoples brand names but let’s be a bit inventive and think outside the square. Jackson running shoes .com is not as good as Alabama running shoes .com. Search and you will see one has a lot more hits than the other.

The description explains the Keyword

Under each Keyword is a description and this few words designed for you to sell your website. A good description draws them in while a bad one sends them away or people just don’t go to your site.

This is called your meta description is necessary therefore to understand it.

Real lousey Keywords by Peter Hanley


Finally the use of Keywords is a very long and involved course, more than I could hope to reach in 500 words but I have a bonus for you.
You can learn all about this at The Wealthy Affiliate.
This is a free course on just how to achieve anything website
I have also included a free Keyword tool to play with and learn more as you go along.

Real lousy keywords
Peter Hanley

The discount trap

The discount trap

Here Peter Hanley looks at The discount trap and how it affects your business and ongoing profit. Your target is a good margin.

Discounting is expensive.

Discounting is expensive but just what does it cost you?

If you discount 15% and have a margin of 40% you need to sell  60% more product to have the same return.

you cut your prices by…

gross margin
20% 25% 30% 35% 40%
5% 33.30% 25.00% 20.00% 16.70% 14.30%
6% 42.90% 31.60% 25.00% 20.70% 17.60%
8% 66.70% 47.10% 36.40% 29.60% 25.00%
10% 100.00% 66.70% 50.00% 40.00% 33.30%
12% 150.00% 92.30% 66.70% 52.20% 42.90%
15% 300.00% 150.00% 100.00% 75.00% 60.00%

That is pretty terrifying and not often recognised. On top of that, your cost of sales increases with staff and extras along the way.

A lot of Food outlets are getting hurt by the home delivery people by having to compete. They the home deliverers take around 35% margin on every sale leaving little for the owner.

Online competition is affecting many businesses at cheaper prices and free delivery. However, it is only part of the market so you can still have the other part of the customer group or even join them and sell online.

Competing on discount is a no-win situation

The discount trap

First of all, there are times to discount.

I use for example when you want to quit slow moving stock or obsolete stock that is not turning over. Get money back to put into faster moving products.

Drawcard products
The discount trap

Discount a special product to bring customers into your premises. You will see the majors do this with a special line at a reduced price when everything else remains at full price.

Out of season products.

Sometimes it is better to clear cash than have the stock sitting around for 6 months waiting for the sun to shine again.

Customers play the discount game.

When you have regular discounts your customer memory kicks in. I will wait for the spring sale, The Black Friday sale, whatever the sale, at a regular period is. They shop for bargains but they buy for personal reasons, brand, Image, how they feel etc

Every time you discount, your bottom line is hurt.

This is a fact of life and when you look at your margin at the end of a period you wonder why the drop.

How a black Friday special saved me 

I have paid a price for a Video program every month for four years us$47. It was a bit steep but good value.
This discount period they offered a Black Friday special at us$29. Now that is a us$18 difference of $216 a year.

I contacted the company and simply stated change me or lose me. They canceled my service for me and I then reapplied at the new rate and I retained all my history. Great customer service and I left wondering why I had not done it years ago.


In conclusion

Discounting increases sales however is it at the cost of disappearing margins and hece net profit. People still buy on value or companies like Apple would be out of business. 
In fact it has been tested that if you offer a similar product at a high and low price most people will pay more expecting a problem.


The discount trap by Peter Hanley

If you want to know more contact me at

The discount trapPeter Hanley

Annuity shopping in Australia

The best way to make an income with everyday shopping

Annuity shopping in Australia

In the USA was launched as a shopping Annuity where, by recommending fellow shoppers, you get paid a small percentage of the spend. It is going Gangbusters or as they say on Rocket Fuel.

Loyalty cards

Annuity shopping in Australia

Loyalty cards Like Flybys, Coles, Woollies and IGA programs all build up a small loyalty amount in the way of points that can be spent at their store.

Similarly, programs like Herbalife, Tupperware, Amway etc let you earn money from tiers of buying as you build a downline of sellers, under you, by recruiting new participants and a lot of hard work.

Nothing new in this except these have a problem of pushing the product onto people in a somewhat aggressive campaign of marketing. No matter how good the product there is always hesitation.

Is there an entry cost?

Many of these programs also have an upfront entry cost, a stock cost and an ongoing commitment cost.


Now for something new that costs nothing.

Annuity shopping in Australia

Cash Back has combined all this into one program that encourages shopping and rewards the referrers. It allows you to shop with discounts and earn by sharing.

The Cashback App is a free phone-based app that gives you a 5 tier earning on the spend of people you refer to and use the app.

Let me explain.

There are a variety of places you can buy products that support the Cashback app (TCBA). Each time you purchase a product you receive a discount that goes straight into your wallet in Cash and loyalty credits.

Key stakeholders for everyday shopping are Woolworth’s, Big W, Caltex Fuel and BWS. All the things you use every week.

Food, petrol and Grog, what else do you need anyway?

By sharing the app you build an income.


The structure is five-tier buying structures where you earn a small percentage of the appropriate spend of people below you.
The group will grow as you spread down into the tiers

You 0

a)    Tier 1=   1      1      1  = 3
b)    Tier 2 = 3     3     3  =  9
c)    Tier 3  =9      9      9 = 27
d)    Tier 4 = 27   27    27 = 81
e)    Tier 5=  81    81    81 = 243

Total number of potential spenders in Tier 363

You are number 0
You enrol your partner/family to join the group they are then number 1
They enrol a friend to join as number 2
Then they enrol a friend and a friend down to five levels.

Annuity shopping in Australia

Plus your personal discounts

Add to that the personal discounts you receive along the way.


Adding a new group

Annuity shopping in Australia


Now you start another group then another so you gather as many groups as you want and get a share of their spending.

If you had just 3 people, and you convinced them to have 3 people down through the tiers you end up  with about 363 active spenders that could earn you from $330 to $500 a week

Why stop at 3 you can go all the way as wide and 5 deep as you want.

Now let’s declare nothing is guaranteed because we don’t know who will share or what the spend is but we do know that you have no outlay to join, no commitment or anything to purchase.

The question is do you need a passive income that can generate great returns without committing funds or compromising your values?

Annuity shopping in Australia

But wait, there is more, a bonus for you.

If you choose to join the Ambassador club with a one time cost of $99 you can achieve even greater value. In fact, once you achieve an income level at about $22,000 then Cashback will pay the lease fees on a car of choice up to $22,000 for the term of the lease. (some conditions apply)
As your income goes up so does your choice of car.

They have an annual dinner to which you are invited, a seminar and other social activities throughout the year.
You also receive the Selling software package to promote the plan Party style as you grow.

How do you sell this?

First stop is family and friends. It is easy to explain and recruit at this level. In fact, we believe limiting your line to just one group whilst you help them down line the training is beneficial.

You can appoint associations that need money like P@C groups, social clubs etc joining them as an Ambassador.

Annuity shopping in Australia

Party plans are proven to work and you can mail drop to bring them in.

What’s next,

We sign you to the plan and help you in the beginning to recruit others.

You can do this with or without the Ambassador club but the club members get the extra benefits.

Basically no outlay ever, no commitment, no Hype just an opportunity to make extra money on everyday spending.

 Cashback shopping explained in full

Annuity shopping in AustraliaAnnuity shopping in Australia

Peter Hanley


Cashback shopping Australia

Do free online spell check

No better word checker available with this “do free online spell” check tool

If you ever wanted a free online spell check look no further than here.

do free online spell check


A must use tool for any business.

Do free online spell check now

Peter Hanley

Find potential customers

Find potential customers

When you set out to Find potential customers it is often a very confusing issue with no real starting point fast fat burning.

The simple answer

The very best way to find potential customers is to grab your current customer list and mark down the top 10 or so customers by dollar spend.
This provides a positive niche to target for new business and is easy to find because you are searching for a small band of players that match the need.
A google search for the industry and it is best using a location-based entry will bring up like businesses. As will Service directories and yellow page type business listings.

Gather a list of potential clients and list them out. What we need to find now is a buying benefit and /or a problem that you can solve. It might be longer trading hours or quicker delivery. It may even be the provision of an account manager to look after their business on a daily basis.
The one thing we will avoid is price, business is not all about price it about needs fulfilment. Get that right and get the contract.

Any contact will start with a phone call, for a meeting, for permission to email or even send some ideas and a proposal.

Courting starts from here

Find potential customers


Now we start to woo them over but no mention of selling to them yet that is the last step.
Introduce your self and the company and provide some background of how you have solved problems for others. Things that you do best. Throw some samples and throw around some ideas. Tickets to sporting events or theater with you as the host work well.  Remember these words from an old sage, the person to impress the most is the partner of the buyer, never forget the power of pillow talk.

The Easy yes!

When you get in the comfort zone try for the minor hit, preferably with an option, why don’t you give us a try with product A or perhaps even B. This is not a yes-no answer it is a choice between two options the easy yes.

You are doing this with your selected clientele, the big spenders that will stay with you for many years so the return on your investment is big hpzfce3.

It can be done and you reap the rewards of a job well done. Imagine the kudos you will get by bringing in the big account,

well done mate.


Find potential customers

Peter Hanley

List building

List Building

List building a success story help to lose weight.

List building in any business is an absolute must do because you are creating value for your business.

It will often seem like hard work but one day it will pay off providing returns that you would never have thought possible.

The story goes that everyone on your list should average a $1 a month in sales so a 100,000 list will return over a million a year in sales.

List building

Many will tell you that $1 is a myth and it should be $3 or $5 and even more.

It does, however, depend on what you are selling and how you do it.
Most of all it leads to the simple fact that your list will generate income and consequently develop a value as an asset on its own.

How to develop a list

Every day you are talking to customers in person, on the phone or by mail.
Consequently, every one of them comes with three vitally important bits of information.
You will meet people socially and at networking functions or as a referral from another customer and they have a very important item.

On your web page, you should have a link to collect names, a pop-up or exit pop to grab even more names.
This will be done with a small promise to deliver something of value at no cost to them.

More vital components.

You can run a raffle, a competition, a survey or even a questionnaire to collect details so that you can gather more names for the mix.

The inherent difficulty is in the doing so just how can you overcome this block and what can you do to achieve a very important goal.

First up is your business records, your customers your quotes, invoices, debtors, all of these contain the valuable information that you need.
You can pay your staff, that’s correct bribe them to collect and store names.
Have a lead generator on your web page with a capture page to collect the information.
Networking, trade shows, demonstrations the list is endless.
As a result, you will see endless leads pouring in.

What do you need in a list

Naturally, a name is always good, great to start out by saying, Hi Fred.
Personalizing anything you write or do is a good practice.
We all want to be recognised.

Now, what are the three vital bits of information?

List building

Number one is Telephone number, mobile number and Email.
these are your contact points and will determine the next list.

Number two, what is the best contact medium for the above.
It could be Email first up, low cost, effective and covers many opportunities we will describe shortly. SMS messages or a Phone call.

Number three; Did you guess it, are you reading along with me here
and saying I know what number three is.
If you said segment, you are correct. Not every customer lives in the same barrel and they should be treated differently.

Example Joe’s Hardware.
Everyone is interested in Hardware that’s a given but the  Painter has a particular interest, as does the Plumber and the householder.
We have a bulk deal in 10-litre cans of paint.
Fell of a truck price.
This would be especially relevant to the painter but the Plumber is not your target customer.

Therefore you are wasting his time and yours in trying to stir up some interest.
If you have a car park sale though it is an all in approach for this instance.
In conclusion, every name, number and email has an intrinsic value.

That’s is except for my ongoing coaching at Coachhanley where we cover extensively the pillars to your list

Peter Hanley
One part of a series by CoachHanley


Peter Hanley

Best small business insurance

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The best small business insurance.

The Best small business insurance is to ensure a constant flow of new business.

The best business insurance is to build enough ways to market to generate your own leads and in fact self-insure.

Have you ever wondered why some businesses get new sales just wandering in the door when you have to fight to keep your customers happy and staying loyal

I know it really irks me when my competitors grow faster than I do and it really keeps my foot on the pedal because  I am sort of competitive.
Hence it’s not that I need to win I just hate to lose LOL

Where does new business come from?

The best small business insurance

New business should come from a variety of sources spread evenly across
many options or you may one day face a big problem. We discuss nearly 30 ways to insure against your failure in business.

Read more…. Continue reading “Best small business insurance”