How to do things on Word Press

Oh, the mysteries of WordPress

How to do things on Word Press is always a challenge and as I venture more into it, it becomes harder to leave and re-learn new ways to beat the system.

How to do things on WordPress

The hard bits to solve

OK, there is just so much in this bucket that I don’t quite know where to start.

I guess in the beginning is good. You will know about domain names and hosting but what of security?

The first thing is to ensure your site has a SSL certificate or https:// address to keep up with the Internet. Support for HTTP will fade out quicker than a pair of old jeans so make sure your host supports this. Make sure it is FREE.

Next is to change your log-in name from Admin to something more secure. You will find this under users then under quick edit to make the changes and delete the Admin

These two items will help to protect your page from spammers.


Did you know that too many plugins affect your Google rankings, so keep them to a minimum?

Copy every post to Google plus to get more traction, Google controls the ranking so it stands to reason this will help.

Keywords. Don’t use too many. In the old days, they told you to stuff the article with words but that has changed


What’s the solution?

My solution for you is a free site called Wealthy Affiliate here you will find all the training you could ever need. Yes, you can go premium but at your time and when you choose. Plus, no crazy up-sells ever.


Benefits of Wealthy Affiliate.

They are so many but Let’s cover a few to start with.

Free for up to two websites

No cost SSL certificates

Included page builder free training, support and forum

New included  picture gallery

How to do things on WordPress


What tools will you be using

When you use WA they recommend free tools in most cases so this one site delivers it all.

How to do things on WordPress
Peter Hanley


Printable check off list

Printable check off list

When building a website or any venture a printable check off list ensures you complete all the necessary steps without fail.

What to do with a printable check off list.

You have long laboured under a printable check off list for all sorts of reasons, mainly your to-do list that never gets done.
It is only recently that I have ventured into a new list scenario that takes on another meaning.

Most entries on your daily to-do list will have multiple features that need to be addressed in a certain order to achieve the end result.
The steps may be many or just a few but if you get them wrong it just messes up your time and input.
Because you have a somewhat detailed list you have an opportunity to resource actions.  Items that you can’t achieve and therefore to get outside input into the tasks.
Therefore the other party is aware of the total concept but also confined to their duties to achieve an end Goal.

Noteworthy and in my experience the list should be maintained to about 9 action items so that it is readable within the time of the average attention span.
However, it should also be clean and simple without the distractions of a rainbow of colours or a mangle of Font choices.

Perhaps Your to-do list is to have a new webpage for your widget product. A simple and straightforward task.

The list you make will be a bit more extensive

What is the domain name, where will it be hosted and who chooses that?
What is the Keyword and is that in the domain, Meta description and first paragraph?
Who will write the description? Do they know the Keywords?
Who will do the proofreading and review the work
What media will you use and have you got Alt titles?
Who will choose the links contained in the site and what are they pointing to.
Have you considered Pop-ups and exit pops?
How will you monetize the page to obtain a return?
Post analysis reporting and changes.

This then addresses many of the inputs necessary to achieve the goals you can look here. As a result, it is evident that some cannot be contemplated without prior input.
Consequently, you have a live document that can be shared and created by group input with sufficient information to achieve a result.

What do I use? A simple solution is a free printable document builder that provides a very easy input and manageable document.

In conclusion;
This is just part of a series by Coachhanley.
To help businesses gain the expertise and information to move with the Internet and social marketing.


Printable check off list

Peter Hanley