How I lost 7cm of Gut and Fixed my Back

How I lost 7cm of gut and fixed my back with a simple six-minute exercise program just once a day

Can exercise help a back

first of all, this is not professional or clinical advice but I have helped through four back operations with my wife and countless days of walking around like a zombie holding my own back.

Backs are difficult if not impossible to get right. If the structure is damaged always seek medical assistance because sometimes a Knife is necessary.

But for those of us that put it down to age, life history or simply how it is there may be an easy answer.

Going to a professional

I have a saying that goes like this. If you suffer a sudden back problem go to a Physio, and when that does not work go to a Chiro and get it fixed.
I have no doubt that a good Chiro can help your Rehabilitation.

This is no disrespect to physios but everyone has their place.

Putting up with back pain

This is not a situation that anyone of us should consider.
My wife had an operation to clean out a blockage in the back. This followed after a long list of attempts. and lasted but four weeks before the pain returned.
She went to a physio who had no answer, a Chiro who could not find an answer, and an orthopaedic surgeon who said there was no problem, she had cortisone needles in the back in three different places but nothing made a difference.

Her own diagnosis was a bone spur seen in an MRI was the culprit but everyone she saw said this was not possible. You would start to believe them after the opinion came from no less that six medical opinions.
Her final visit to the back surgeon finally convinced someone that she might be right. It turned out that the bone spur was pressing on a nerve when she was upright causing intense pain. However laying or sitting was ok, the MRI is taken laying down so showed no implications.

A quick operation to remove the spur and life is good again. My point is that she could have given up and excepted being in pain but she did something about it.

Finding a fix

Having recently trundled into the chiro after pulling a nerve in my back. This was necessary because I was walking around making involuntary OOh sounds as the pain grabbed me.
Having considered myself quite fit for an old guy, I walk, swim, do weights, am not overweight and in reasonable health but I have lost flexibility.

I go to the Chiro about four times a year and usually everything is ok but accidents do happen and back pain returns. My guess is I am never without discomfort but that is a price we pay for living too long.

On my last visit, the chiro gave me a few stretches to do because I was all too tight, He said he does them every day and I should as well.

Now stretches are stretches but do they last?

So I settled into a daily five-minute plan to work on my back.

The result amazed me, I was so happy I wanted to share this with anyone that would listen.

NO back pain, in fact, complete freedom and flexibility and an extra bonus. I try very hard to reduce my stomach measurement. A medical adviser had told me to reduce this but I could never do it. Ok, It is only 104 cm but at 77Klg this shows as old man Flab.

After four weeks of six minutes a day stretching I lost 7cm doing nothing else but these half a dozen simple solutions.

I gave this to family and friends and they all laughed at me but boy were they surprised. ( those few that actually did it) when it worked.

The muscles shrink

There is no doubt that everything gets tighter as we age. This could even be the cause of bent back syndrome instead of standing tall.

Therefore stretching the muscles is a path to success.

The difficulty in finding five minutes a day

This is a problem that has beset us all for years. Doing something consistently. However, if you set a goal, a time and a promise to your self it can be done.

The beauty of this is if it does not work all is not lost but if it works It really is winner, winner chicken dinner.

This simple solution is available to you if you want to try it. Just give me an address and I will send you the program. There is no cost whatsoever. No credit card and nothing to buy.
Why do it this way? because I only want to share it with those that want success. Sometimes when anything is free it has no value therefore by asking for a bit of effort from you I am adding value.

Of course, there are no guarantees, it won’t work for everyone but if it does for you all I ask is you let me know so we can tell others.

How I lost 7cm of gut and fixed my back by Peter Hanley

The author is 78 years of age, an active blogger and a small business owner. He found five minutes a day, can you?

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