Why do People Fail to Make Money on the Internet

Why do People Fail to Make Money on the Internet when everyone shouts out how easy it is? There are 5 real answers that will shock you

Is the Internet a game changer

While the internet is full of fraudsters and scammers wanting to take your money there are also some very good ideas that will change your life.

However regular changes to the operating systems can make life difficult for the occasional explorer.
Google is the main rule maker and he/she does a bundle of upgrades every month. Most have no impact on the general population but some have a big effect on what you do.

For an example of this, we look at the length of a blog post, just like the one you are reading now. Initially, a 300-word post was acceptable but that was pushed out to nearly 3000 words as the top performer. Gradually that came back to an average of 1400 words where it remained for quite a while. Then Google did an about-face (2022) and said a 5-minute read was the popular length.

They understand that the attention span of Internet stalkers is somewhat limited and should be catered for, hence a timeline and not words.

Therefore my first point is to keep up with the changes by joining a group like Wealthy Affiliate where new training programs are released every week.

Internet marketing takes time

Why do People Fail to Make Money on the Internet

There are no get-rich schemes that don’t require work. It is a fable of online marketers trying to get into your wallet. Promise the world and deliver a disaster.
One way is blogging however to get recognised is a 12-month journey. Admittedly the end results may be better than most other forms of activity but you need to stay the distance.
Making money takes effort every day, and consistently promoting your activity to gain recognition and success.
Email marketing also takes time. You need to build a base of customers and get them to know you so that they will open your mail. Then when they like what you are doing some trust will come in and that is when the action happens. But it is a journey that can’t be rushed.

Having a product that sells

They say you can’t sell ice to Eskimos because there is simply no demand. Ice is everywhere so you need to be more creative.
Marketing of Motor vehicles is a great example of indirect marketing. They don’t advertise a car, they market a lifestyle and what you can do with their product. A rugged offroad adventure or a zippy little town car has very different markets. A bearded bloke or a well-healed female wants you to be just like them, you can do it with the car they are selling.

Therefore we sell feelings and benefits and not products as such.
Making money is not a feeling, Getting security for your family is.
Affiliate marketing is a product, Sitting back by the pool as your products are sold is a lifestyle

Tighten your concentration

You can not be everyone on the market. Everything takes time so pick one idea and give it your full concentration until you achieve success. You may Choose Facebook or Instagram, blogging or emailing whatever it is do it properly and consistently until you have it down pat.
Of course, you may have a Facebook page while concentrating on writing articles but the bulk of your effort will be on writing as the one thing that will bring quicker results.

Outsourcing your work

This is an ideal way to get things done quickly and properly when you lack the appropriate skills. Fiverr is a perfect place to get items done at a small cost. It could be a Video, page header, Logo anything where a bit of technical ability is required.

I have one plan where I outsource everything except monitoring and generating traffic through easy methods.
This was a Plan set up by a Millionaire who does the website provides the product and loads customers to save you time.
The promise is a regular passive income that allows you to do all the other important things in your life. When the Crypto market tanked I went looking for something else that would assist my day job.

Why do People Fail to Make Money on the Internet

This is a done-for-you product by a bloke that wants to help the average Joe.

It is well worth a look to see if it suits what you are looking for. It’s not for everyone but it has a great product, a Webpage and customers and guarantees a $ 10,000-a-month income.

That is a figure we all want so we can sit back and not worry about where the next meal is coming from.


The takeaways from this should be;

Maintaining your education through regular training.
Not expecting overnight miracles and happy to take a journey.
Concentrate on one thing until you get it right.
Outsource the technical bits to save you time and get a better product
Pick a product that people want to buy.
Sell feelings not products
If all else fails get someone else to do it for you

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