As a trainer I sometimes wonder Is coaching better than online training to fast track your money making future, I believe I have the answer

The mistake in fast pace learning

As a business coach that is self taught I have been asked this question to mostly build the learning period in as short a time as possible. Then accelerating your earning capacity.

My answer would be along the lines of trying to get a Doctors degree by cutting the knowledge corners, You may know quite a lot however you may kill a few because of a shortfall in understanding.

The internet is a massive product and needs to be Brocken down in bite sixed chunks to build your fortress of knowledge.

I did the course at Wealthy Affiliate which is about a three months journey and cut every corner I could.
The course has both written , and video training along with assignments to do so it is quite engaging.
However I new better and skipped through to completion in a hurry.

When I tried to apply the learning I discovered how much I didn’t know. Therefore i doubted that online coaching would work. However

I went back and redid the course entirely

It is a great coaching platform i just misused it.

Is coaching better than online training and my take on live.

So what about coaching

A great coach has many advantages because they can see your errors early and take corrective action so that it is not carried forward.

Coaching is also far more single content concentrated because it needs to focus on that lesson and results thus slowing the progress.

Cost is always a consideration because you are evaluating your return on investment both monetarily and time spent against results.

However I believe that the training has a longer term application for several reasons.

ApplicationYou are more intent on the learning
AttentionWandering off to other items is limited
FocusIs targeted
Using extra sensesSee, hear and touch
repetitiverepeating the lessons

I use a guy called Roy Carter as a business coach, a bit different however he takes you on an income journey.

However there is a financial cost to one on one coaching that must be balanced on a return in income. Furthermore the commitment must be met regardless of results. Results will really depend on you.

Finally there are many scammers in the market so do your research properly before entertaining paying out money.

Other coaching programmes

One of the ways to get results is to try before you buy. This focusses your attention on the product before you need to fork out money, always a great incentive to fast paced learning.

However the coaching must be direct and necessary to your goal or it is random training and filling in time.

Self paced learning

Many off us simply don’t have the time to attend day long seminars conducted by leading experts covering snippets of information. I have been to many as they camouflage learning in a selling situation. They provide a few snippets and then wham, for $1000 I can really help you. You are hooked in and need to escape but people are running to the counter to buy the product. Are they stooges or real buyers, sort of the sacrificial sheep that lead you to the precipice.

However there are good examples of this and One that I use is Vidnami. This is an example where they give you the material on how to make a video and set you free. They have all the instructions but you are alone with your creative talent to produce great videos, and keep them for ever.

Go slow, fast or in between but go you will as you find out how easy it really is to make a professional video.

Is coaching better than online training and your senses

Online coaching should cover all the senses

The online world now offers all the ways to take in sensory learning.

I mentioned the training at Wealthy Affiliate where I had to repeat the course.
My learning skills are best found in reading because I can pace myself. What’s more I get bored with slow delivery in video.

VisualAchieved with a video
Writtenthe details in writing
Orallistening to the video
SpeakingVerbalising the content
WritingHaving an exercise to do

However when you combine a Video, text and assignment you cover all the memory criterion and this forms the best training available

Setting a goal for your training

It is important to understand what you want to achieve and allow a reasonable amount of time to succeed.
Nothing is achieved without commitment so setting a daily goal is necessary.
It is easy to let this slide unless you really time line training with a reasonable prospect of meeting the goal.
Then if you slip a day it is easy to make up and complete the schedule.
If you were at college and did not make the grade you fail. This is not something you want so it is up to you, no one else to blame, no mushroom to hide under, excuses not forgiven.

The internet is such an evolving experience even the most talented players still take lessons. in fact many employ a coach to monitor their progress and instil an urgency into meeting their commitments.

When you want to ask a question

This is a critical path to understanding your training. We all get stumped at times and need a resolution. Searching Google takes time and often fails to supply a satisfactory result. The internet is diverse and Brocken into many different channels, Domains, hosting, WordPress, SEO, Writing , Traffic and lots more so being an expert in everything is near impossible.
At Wealthy Affiliate you have three ways to answer a question.

24/ 7 Support lineHosting and WordPress issues
Chat line find a result
Support groupAsk anything for a live answer

Spending hours searching Google is time consuming and often unsatisfactory.
Going to a forum and seeking active contributions can often solve the hardest issue with the easiest answer. If your training has no support then you need to look further, the free entry to Wealthy Affiliate will provide this for you.

My conclusion on training

Having done it all there is no doubt than three tiered training ticks all the boxes.
A video, some reading and an exercise really gets you to concentrate on the end result. If you get a fail you can go back and do it again finding your weaknesses and fixing them.

This training takes you from a starter ( and it’s free) to the most advanced on nearly every topic you can think off.
WA allows you to build a five figure income by following the training and learning from example.
Their any many that will testify to great incomes purely from WA training and not random testimonials that may or may not be real.

Is coaching better than online training by Peter Hanley

Is coaching better than online training
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