How to Market online

firstly how to market online is especially relevant to any current or potential business owner or those wishing to train.

Hi, first up my name is Peter Hanley and I have been in business for over 30 years in the promotion of leading-edge products.

How to market online leads us into a whole new path of success. Particularly relevant to any business owner.

As a result of being a small business owner, in a franchise and  taking a startup to a stock market listing I was, therefore, able to expand my roles

Due to my exposure, I  spent a period as an International consultant in telecommunications and now as an Internet coach and Author.

I started as a  pioneer in Paging services, moved on to mobile phones, telephone call billing and finally to virtual messaging services.

This allowed me the opportunity to move into the area of internet and social marketing.

It sums up the range of experiences behind me but little has prepared me for the social era.

What I have seen over recent years is the amount and rate of change hence to keep ahead of that change takes a lot of time, experience and often money, sometimes for little return.

How can you ever keep up?

The Internet and social media platform is massive and you cannot possibly use every bit of it to its full ability.

I have nominated at least 30 pillars that I believe every business should consider including in their marketing package.

They should then incorporate them all and use them to their advantage.

Remember, if you’re not building your piers someone else is doing it better.

Making simple changes can improve your visitors by several hundred percent overnight.

           tick for success

As a current business person or an intended one, the needs are the same.

You must be completely on track with the tools available to you that are contained on the net.

This is what CoachHanley will teach in ongoing methodical training that anyone can understand and implement.

One of the big failures of any business working today is the failure to take action. Doing nothing is not an option.

The next biggest failure is actually trying to do too much at one time.

Implementing the portals in simple weekly steps will lead you to a destination of what we call business insurance.

How to market online is about steady progress to an end result that will insure you against business loss.

As a result of the training, you can achieve massive gains in income with simple low-cost changes.

These can be implemented slowly and built to a structure of the optimal performance.

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