Internet training with Coach Hanley
Peter Hanley

Internet training with Coach Hanley

Blogger, business adviser, marketing support

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I will teach you things you can’t get anywhere else

Your journey starts here

Email Marketing

the low cost high return approach to customer acquisition

Affiliate Sales

Become an affiliate and earn easy money selling other people’s products

Building a webpage

Understanding WordPress and creating your own website

SMS Marketing

Medium cost instant return action that gets results immediately


Setting up a blog and planning a pathway to success

List building

How to build a list and create a valuable asset

My Business support

As a busy owner of a large training college based on online tutoring the use of SMS to all the tutors has been a godsend in immediate contact. Peter set up a system that has worked for many years.

Gary Sudran

How I Built my first Website

Following the training provided by Peter I was able to build my first website  in just one day. Being inexperienced I was nervous at first however WordPress 5 is a breeze

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Internet training with Coach Hanley

Learning about Keywords and where you should use them including the best keyword tool available and yours to use for free. Yours now

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Building a squeeze page from scratch that will sell your product and deliver results

One of the hardest and most expensive jobs is building good squeeze pages. The better know brands charge up to $200 a month, well out of the budget for most of us strugglers. That is why I chose Seedpod as my builder of choice

What others have discovered with my training

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1

Can I get full internet training for free?

Yes you can at Wealthy Affiliate where there are practical classes to get you up and going with your first website

Question 2

How can I earn affiliate income with no experience?

We will take you to several sites that will provide you the opportunity to make money from day one.

Question 3

I want to build an online shop, how do  I do it?


The beauty of WordPress is the many online plugins available.

One of these is called Woocommerce designed to walk you through setting up a site within one day.

Internet training with Coach Hanley

Where can I get all the training I need for free

Why branding is the most important issue to face

In a recent Video by Gary Vee he stated quite clearly;

“branding is non-negotiable”

You can use every Social media channel, YouTube, email or blogging to grow your brand.

Your brand may be personal, a product or a service, they are all important.

Why branding is so important

Why YouTube is now as important as Google

Internet training with Coach Hanley

A little-known fact

YouTube is now used as a search vehicle nearly as often as Google search, and more than Bing and Yahoo combined.

It is used for;

  1. Branding and company identity
  2. Selling Virtual and real products
  3. searching for answers
  4. How to do things, open them or use them.
  5. Make a YouTube Video

Is affiliate selling really the best job in town?

For many years I have believed that the best way to build a real business is with recurring income.

This is when a customer has a monthly account that may carry on for many years.
As an affiliate and for making the contact you share a part of the regular payment.

You will never get rich on a single client paying you say $20 a month however we then do the multiplying math.
10 clients may return $200 or 100 clients $2000 even a thousand clients at $20,000 a month every month for years to come.

Your affiliate income from multiple sources

A further feature is that you need not have all your eggs in the one basket. If one egg breaks you still have the remainder of the carton.

All this without a product, no need to bill, carry credit you just need to recommend.

There is however a need to understand a website and web building so that you can start a journey.

A beginner’s guide to the best affiliate marketing.

Is blogging a career or a hobby

I must confess to being biased on this subject. You are reading about my blogging career with over six hundred blogs out in Wonderland. It started as a hobby with the objective of making money. let’s face it I have written enough words to fill about Ten full-length novels so a lot of time is invested.

Your question may be how do you make money with a blog?

  1. Naturally, affiliate returns are involved.
  2. You can sell things for yourself virtual or real
  3. Then sell for the likes of Amazon or
  4. Obtain advertising Income in many forms.
  5. In fact a pretty open book.
  6. Let me give you 7 easy lessons

Internet training with Coach Hanley

The importance of analytics

The importance of analytics

Understanding what you are doing and what it does for you is really important in your journey.

Everyone should use Google Analytics to capture information. I also recommend connecting to Monster Insights a plug-in that takes it all a step further. You can not wink in the dark, nor can you ignore stats. Monster Insights a quick video

Email marketing has not gone away

The death of Email is very overrated, in fact, it remains the cheapest form of mass marketing available.

I email twice a week to a database that returns dividends all the time.

Furthermore, your data base has a real value that can be on-sold when you tire of the effort.

If you have a small business even a virtual one have read of my blog on marketing

Why would you read my stuff?

First of all, I have been doing this for a few decades now, in fact well before the internet. I have taught myself all the new methods because I want to change with the times and the times are changing at a rapid rate. Further more as I deal daily with small businesses I am regularly appalled at the lack of awareness displayed by many business owners. That is why I set out to help make a change.

Internet training with Coach Hanley

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