How to write a post

How to write a post even when you are in brain fade.

How to write a post is often a road block that sits on your computer waiting for you to start.
First of all the mind goes blank followed by a real interest on everything around you, Facebook , emails ,downloads all must be attended now.

In Stephen’s book it seems like you need a structure on which to build a document of any interest.

Therefore you could consider  finding a  concept first up followed by a theme and the narrative.
Off course you need a climax and a call to action but we will get to that.

Most of all you need suspense and if you just read on I shall tell you exactly how to do that.
First of all some brief tips on structure that are especially relevant

Yoast SEO insists on over 300 words , using a passive voice and heaps of transitional words, yikes.
It is is a WordPress plugin that rates your writing and SEO potential and is really worth having especially  seeing as it’s free. Not selling anything here.

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Worth a look

How do you build suspense in a blog?

I am also reading a Novel by Steven Leather an English guy that has a hero called Spider, an MI5 or 6 agent.
Anyhoo in any two pages of the book he is conducting about 5 different conversations at the same time.
What Dan Shepperd ( Spider ) is talking about, his boss the lovely Charlotte, the enemy, this time an Iranian assassin, his boss and the guy in the street.

Seems like a jumble but you are actually involved deeply in the dialogue and see the picture from many angles.
Suspense is sooo high because you know the Arab is planning to kill, what can Spider do? Every character brings a degree of internal worry to the reader.
Steven Leather is no mug writer, he has written a lot of books and is a top seller and every book in the series carries the same concept and develops around a theme of the title of the book.

What’s all this got to do with a blog post and what is especially relevant to your writing.
First off all if you are still reading I have achieved some small part of my goal on How to write a post.

Are their any rules to follow?

The same rules apply to emails, writing a book or doing a web page.
Most of all you need a basic structure or template that remains consistent over time. Have your concept and develop a theme about that.

In another voice, I suggest a few obvious things like, include media, lots of links and especially SPELLCHECK.  Google absolutely hates spelling mistakes so get it checked.

In my training course at CoachHanley, we do the same thing with an email series where we build intrigue over a number of messages to a conclusion.
Our aim is to market by stealth not by sledgehammer

In conclusion, I suggest;

  1. Have a structure
  2. Think about your concept.
  3. Develop a theme
  4. Create suspense
  5. Include some media (with Alt Tags)
  6. Add a few links
  7. Closing pitch
  8. Check your writing and SEO.
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How to write a blog and have it read.

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Ps. Yoast rated me at 100% so I hope you enjoyed the effort