Can a diet shake keep the hunger pains away

Can a diet shake keep the hunger pains away and keep your weight down. a quick journey from a dedicated user

Having tried many shakes I found the way.

I have been on shakes for about six months and achieved my weight goal and reduced the tummy inches.
I have used five different shakes available on the Australian market to try to find the most suitable for me.

Your mind is the biggest problem to overcome and I tried ways to trick it.

After a breakfast shake a banana mid morning curbed the thought I needed food.
Because my weight journey was not large I thought I could bend the rules and even have a slice of toast if necessary.

I even had weekends with normal food mainly to eat what was cooked with my wife not a necessary approach.

I will probably remain on one shake a day for ever so pleased am I with the result.

Which diet shake is best for you?

Just about any is the real answer. They are all very similar in what they offer however a couple of things should be looked at.

First of all do they contain milk, of any kind.
many of us are lactose intolerant so anything based around Cows milk should be avoided. I have found this in several varieties.
The Fast 800 a Michael Mosely product contains whey milk and the Optiman shake has Soy therefore you do have a choice.

Next is the dreaded sugar and lactose content

This is something to be avoided at all times and I have found that the Aldi diet mix is very high in sugar content. Most of the others are fairly similar however the Optiman shake is tending to be high as well.

Refined sugar is one thing that should be avoided however is in most things we eat. Always check the sugar content before you eat any product.

The salt problem

This adds taste to any food however we have read enough to try and minimise the content in what we eat.
Here the Manshake and Aldi shake were a lot higher in contained salt level.

In general we do consume far to much refined salt which is easily eliminated from a eating regime.

Are there Vegetarian options

I am not in this group nor am I going to the extreme Vegan option.
However the good news is that Mosely 800 and Aldi are vegetarian and Man shake have that option.

And for the ladies

Off course you are looked after because the dietary demands are slightly different. Most web sites will explain this and particularly the Man shake who actively target both groups calling this one the Lady Shake.

Having two shakes a day

This may be a bit different and not recommended for long term approach to weight loss.
I confess it was a step to far for me however many others suggest it is a great way to go.
This also includes intermittent fasting to get those pounds going a lot faster.

Is it all about calorie intake

Every diet you search will have a daily calorie target somewhere between 800 and 2200 a day.
Off course this must make a difference if you are consuming a large intake of food and little exercise.
It is obvious that a balance must be found.

Michael Mosely in the 5-2 diet goes deep into fasting and calorie reduction and the plan took the world by storm.

I had a better result using shakes and the experience was far more enjoyable.

How a diet shake changed my life


Having not convinced my wife that this was the journey to take I hope I have had more success with you.
Side benefits are a better appetite or should I say appreciation of your meals.
Cutting out general bad habits also helps however just minimising them helps with the journey.

You will lose weight, feel better, less indigestion and probably more energy so what is not to try.

Can a diet shake keep the hunger pains away by Peter Hanley

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