Exploring the Challenges of Using WarriorPlus: A Review

Exploring the Challenges of Using WarriorPlus: A Review that will tell you some of the problems that you will encounter along the way

Who is Warrior Plus

Exploring the Challenges of Using WarriorPlus: A Review


WarriorPlus is a popular online marketplace and affiliate network that facilitates the buying and selling of digital products, primarily in the internet marketing niche. While the platform has gained traction among vendors and affiliates, it is not without its challenges.

In this review, we will examine some of the problems associated with using WarriorPlus, shedding light on areas that may pose obstacles for users.

Quality Control:

One of the primary concerns with WarriorPlus is the lack of stringent quality control over the products listed on the platform. While there are reputable vendors offering valuable products, the marketplace also attracts low-quality or even scammy offerings. This inconsistency in product quality can undermine the trust and credibility of the platform, making it difficult for affiliates to promote products confidently.

Product Saturation and Competition:

WarriorPlus hosts a vast number of products, resulting in saturation within certain niches. This saturation often leads to intense competition among affiliates promoting similar products. Standing out amidst a sea of similar offerings becomes challenging, making it harder for affiliates to achieve significant sales and commissions.

Affiliate Approval Process:

Exploring the Challenges of Using WarriorPlus: A Review

WarriorPlus employs an affiliate approval process where vendors have the authority to manually approve or reject affiliates who wish to promote their products. This process can be frustrating for affiliates, as they might face rejections or delays without clear explanations. Moreover, the lack of standardized guidelines for approval may result in arbitrary decisions by vendors, hindering affiliate opportunities.
Rejection should not offend you. It is often for reasons beyond your scope.
Sometimes it is displaying a solid sales background.

Refund and Customer Support Issues:

Another issue with WarriorPlus relates to the refund process and customer support. While the platform offers a refund policy, some vendors may not honour it promptly or provide satisfactory customer support. This can lead to customer dissatisfaction, negative reviews, and a tarnished reputation for both vendors and affiliates involved. However, having used this I had no problems.

Technical Glitches and Platform Stability:

Users have reported encountering technical glitches and instability within the WarriorPlus platform. These issues include slow loading times, broken links, and difficulties accessing vital features. Such technical shortcomings can disrupt the workflow of affiliates and vendors, impacting their ability to carry out their marketing activities effectively.

Lack of Payment Options:

Exploring the Challenges of Using WarriorPlus: A Review
Paypal is preferred

WarriorPlus primarily relies on PayPal as the payment gateway for transactions. This reliance on a single payment option can be problematic for users who prefer or exclusively use alternative payment methods. The limited payment options can restrict the accessibility and convenience for both vendors and affiliates, potentially excluding a significant portion of potential users. They make you wait 30 days for guarantees to pass and need five sales before they will send you money.


While WarriorPlus offers a platform for vendors and affiliates to connect and engage in digital product marketing, it is essential to be aware of the challenges associated with its use. Quality control issues, product saturation, approval processes, refund complications, technical glitches, and limited payment options can impact the user experience and hinder success in the affiliate marketing arena. It is advisable for users to conduct thorough research, exercise caution when selecting products, and diversify their marketing efforts beyond a single platform to mitigate these challenges.

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Exploring the Challenges of Using WarriorPlus: A Review by Peter Hanley

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GExploring the Challenges of Using WarriorPlus: A Review
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