Is Affiliate Marketing For The Beginner

Is Affiliate Marketing For The Beginner? There is probably no better place to start a career than learning to be an affiliate What exactly is affiliate marketing It is a method for companies to have hundreds if not thousands of commission salespeople marketing their products. In a global market, this extends the reach to customers … Read more

Business in growth (ramp yours up)

We all see success stories relating to Business in growth (ramp yours up) and how they are outdoing you. Here we show you how to join the winners. Where is your business in the build cycle? Businesses all have a life cycle; Develop Build Growth Expansion Maturity When you exclude develop and build they all … Read more

Real lousy Keywords

real lousy keywords

Here Peter Hanley looks at Real lousy keywords and the impact they have on a website. Can you  mess up this big and still obtain good SEO What is a real lousy Keyword and how does it become so? The idea of a Keyword is that people will search on it and find you.I have … Read more

The discount trap

real lousy keywords

The discount trap Here Peter Hanley looks at The discount trap and how it affects your business and ongoing profit. Your target is a good margin. Discounting is expensive. Discounting is expensive but just what does it cost you? If you discount 15% and have a margin of 40% you need to sell  60% more … Read more

Annuity shopping in Australia

Annuity shopping in Australia

The best way to make an income with everyday shopping In the USA was launched as a shopping Annuity where, by recommending fellow shoppers, you get paid a small percentage of the spend. It is going Gangbusters or as they say on Rocket Fuel. Loyalty cards Loyalty cards Like Flybys, Coles, Woollies and IGA … Read more

Do free online spell check

No better word checker available with this “do free online spell” check tool If you ever wanted a free online spell check look no further than here. More A must use tool for any business. Do free online spell check now Peter Hanley Getting your free online spell check

Find potential customers

How do you find potential customers in a saturated market, this interesting article by CoachHanley takes you through the steps to the top Find potential customers When you set out to Find potential customers it is often a very confusing issue with no real starting point  The simple answer The very best way to find … Read more

List building

List building in any business is an absolute must-do and here we look at some of the many ways to attract those buying customers to your list List building a success story  List building in any business is an absolute must do because you are creating value for your business. It will often seem like … Read more

Best small business insurance

The best small business insurance is to ensure you have the marketing pillars in place to guarantee you a continuous supply of new leads

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The best small business insurance.

The Best small business insurance is to ensure a constant flow of new business.

The best business insurance is to build enough ways to market to generate your own leads and in fact self-insure.

Marketing online

Have you ever wondered why some businesses get new sales just wandering in the door when you have to fight to keep your customers happy and staying loyal

I know it really irks me when my competitors grow faster than I do and it really keeps my foot on the pedal because  I am sort of competitive.
Hence it’s not that I need to win I just hate to lose LOL

Where does new business come from?

The best small business insurance

New business should come from a variety of sources spread evenly across
many options or you may one day face a big problem. We discuss nearly 30 ways to insure against your failure in business.

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