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Annuity shopping in Australia

The best way to make an income with everyday shopping

Annuity shopping in Australia

In the USA was launched as a shopping Annuity where, by recommending fellow shoppers, you get paid a small percentage of the spend. It is going Gangbusters or as they say on Rocket Fuel.

Loyalty cards

Annuity shopping in Australia

Loyalty cards Like Flybys, Coles, Woollies and IGA programs all build up a small loyalty amount in the way of points that can be spent at their store.

Similarly, programs like Herbalife, Tupperware, Amway etc let you earn money from tiers of buying as you build a downline of sellers, under you, by recruiting new participants and a lot of hard work.

Nothing new in this except these have a problem of pushing the product onto people in a somewhat aggressive campaign of marketing. No matter how good the product there is always hesitation.

Is there an entry cost?

Many of these programs also have an upfront entry cost, a stock cost and an ongoing commitment cost.


Now for something new that costs nothing.

Annuity shopping in Australia

Cash Back has combined all this into one program that encourages shopping and rewards the referrers. It allows you to shop with discounts and earn by sharing.

The Cashback App is a free phone-based app that gives you a 5 tier earning on the spend of people you refer to and use the app.

Let me explain.

There are a variety of places you can buy products that support the Cashback app (TCBA). Each time you purchase a product you receive a discount that goes straight into your wallet in Cash and loyalty credits.

Key stakeholders for everyday shopping are Woolworth’s, Big W, Caltex Fuel and BWS. All the things you use every week.

Food, petrol and Grog, what else do you need anyway?

By sharing the app you build an income.


The structure is five-tier buying structures where you earn a small percentage of the appropriate spend of people below you.
The group will grow as you spread down into the tiers

You 0

a)    Tier 1=   1      1      1  = 3
b)    Tier 2 = 3     3     3  =  9
c)    Tier 3  =9      9      9 = 27
d)    Tier 4 = 27   27    27 = 81
e)    Tier 5=  81    81    81 = 243

Total number of potential spenders in Tier 363

You are number 0
You enrol your partner/family to join the group they are then number 1
They enrol a friend to join as number 2
Then they enrol a friend and a friend down to five levels.

Annuity shopping in Australia

Plus your personal discounts

Add to that the personal discounts you receive along the way.


Adding a new group

Annuity shopping in Australia


Now you start another group then another so you gather as many groups as you want and get a share of their spending.

If you had just 3 people, and you convinced them to have 3 people down through the tiers you end up  with about 363 active spenders that could earn you from $330 to $500 a week

Why stop at 3 you can go all the way as wide and 5 deep as you want.

Now let’s declare nothing is guaranteed because we don’t know who will share or what the spend is but we do know that you have no outlay to join, no commitment or anything to purchase.

The question is do you need a passive income that can generate great returns without committing funds or compromising your values?

Annuity shopping in Australia

But wait, there is more, a bonus for you.

If you choose to join the Ambassador club with a one time cost of $99 you can achieve even greater value. In fact, once you achieve an income level at about $22,000 then Cashback will pay the lease fees on a car of choice up to $22,000 for the term of the lease. (some conditions apply)
As your income goes up so does your choice of car.

They have an annual dinner to which you are invited, a seminar and other social activities throughout the year.
You also receive the Selling software package to promote the plan Party style as you grow.

How do you sell this?

First stop is family and friends. It is easy to explain and recruit at this level. In fact, we believe limiting your line to just one group whilst you help them down line the training is beneficial.

You can appoint associations that need money like P@C groups, social clubs etc joining them as an Ambassador.

Annuity shopping in Australia

Party plans are proven to work and you can mail drop to bring them in.

What’s next,

We sign you to the plan and help you in the beginning to recruit others.

You can do this with or without the Ambassador club but the club members get the extra benefits.

Basically no outlay ever, no commitment, no Hype just an opportunity to make extra money on everyday spending.

 Cashback shopping explained in full

Annuity shopping in AustraliaAnnuity shopping in Australia

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Cashback shopping Australia

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