Business in growth (ramp yours up)

We all see success stories relating to Business in growth (ramp yours up) and how they are outdoing you. Here we show you how to join the winners.

Where is your business in the build cycle?

Businesses all have a life cycle;

  • Develop
  • Build
  • Growth
  • Expansion
  • Maturity

When you exclude develop and build they all need a growth factor that continues for the life of the business. There are two ways, up or down, so which do you choose?

Changing markets in business.

There is no doubt that business marketing has changed and it is now all about the internet.

Your Webpage is the most important part of your business and the SEO behind it delivers a flow of new business options.

How do you get more interested is a perennial question?

The five important business strategies for new business

  • Facebook, believe me, it still works
  • Instagram, the trending giant
  • YouTube taking over Google in results
  • Newsletters
  • Email marketing

It is important to limit your marketing to just a few opportunities because they all take time away from your day job.

Furthermore, it is also important to understand the role of Social Media. It is a product to deliver customers to your website or directly to you. However, my research tells me there are changes in the wind.

Facebook today

The role of Facebook is to educate, entertain and funnel new business to your website. It has changed but it is very easy to keep current. Facebook has a great message scheduler that allows you to post well ahead.

Remember we use Facebook to consider your business.


This is really good for a Female audience of 18-55 as well as many other groups. Instagram is growing faster than all the others because of the push by the Owners Facebook Group. I recently wrote a lot more on this on Instagram for business which covers the subject in a lot more detail.


Now don’t leave me here because people search YouTube nearly as often as Google for all sorts of ideas.
How to do things, branding Selling is all done on YouTube.


One simple procedure that packs a punch. It is regular (at least every Month) and completes the customer contact cycle.

Again I have written about this in an article on my blog for newsletters and the simple format for results.

Email marketing

If you have a list, this one is still a winner in customer contact and new business. I market every day to a part of my list to maintain contact and get the opportunity to sell a product

If you don’t have a list I recently gave you ways and reasons you must have a list

What business products help sales

Certainly, you must be with LinkedIn to complete the circle of the brand.
offers a great business for many outlets and is growing stronger by the day.

SMS is working well and can be very strong when used correctly

In conclusion

I have spun a few ideas that cost no money but have traction in the market. Ideas that you must consider to work the market to its best for your business.
I have linked a few articles to other writing I have done to provide a broader range of knowledge.

Peter Hanley has several business blogs including


Affiliate income is great

business in growth (ramp yours up)
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