Find potential customers

How do you find potential customers in a saturated market, this interesting article by CoachHanley takes you through the steps to the top

Find potential customers

When you set out to Find potential customers it is often a very confusing issue with no real starting point 

The simple answer

The very best way to find potential customers is to grab your current customer list and mark down the top 10 or so customers by dollar spend.
This provides a positive niche to target for new business and is easy to find because you are searching for a small band of players that match the need.
A google search for the industry and it is best using a location-based entry will bring up like businesses. As will Service directories and yellow page type business listings.

Gather a list of potential clients and list them out. What we need to find now is a buying benefit and /or a problem that you can solve. It might be longer trading hours or quicker delivery. It may even be the provision of an account manager to look after their business on a daily basis.
The one thing we will avoid is price, business is not all about price it about needs fulfilment. Get that right and get the contract.

Any contact will start with a phone call, for a meeting, for permission to email or even send some ideas and a proposal.

Courting starts from here

Find potential customers

Now we start to woo them over but no mention of selling to them yet that is the last step.
Introduce your self and the company and provide some background of how you have solved problems for others. Things that you do best. Throw some samples and throw around some ideas. Tickets to sporting events or theater with you as the host work well.  Remember these words from an old sage, the person to impress the most is the partner of the buyer, never forget the power of pillow talk.

Innexpensive marketing ideas

The Easy yes!

When you get in the comfort zone try for the minor hit, preferably with an option, why don’t you give us a try with product A or perhaps even B. This is not a yes-no answer it is a choice between two options the easy yes.

You are doing this with your selected clientele, the big spenders that will stay with you for many years so the return on your investment is big hpzfce3.

It can be done and you reap the rewards of a job well done. Imagine the kudos you will get by bringing in the big account,

WQell done mate.


Find potential customers

Peter Hanley

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