Gotbackup has been relaunched with a big impact

Gotbackup has been relaunched with a big impact after being relatively forgotten for years. The same team with a big market entry that will break records.

What is Gotbackup

Gotbackup has been relaunched with a big impact

This a 24-7 automated Backup of all your computer documents and photos for a low price of $7.99


Backup all your photos, music, emails, videos, documents & more!


Works both on Mac and Windows computers. (Requires Windows XP or later, and Mac OS X 10.6 or later)
Gotbackup has been relaunched with a big impact

What happens if my data is lost? How do I get it back?

Our software checks for new data every 5 minutes, so your backups are almost live to the minute. If your PC or mobile device is lost or stolen you can retrieve it from anywhere with an internet connection.

Q: Is this service completely automated and easy to use?

Yes, you set it up once and your backups are truly set and forget forever! You can also watch this VIDEO to see just how easy this system is to use!

Where have Gotbackup been

GVO started this way back doing exactly the same thing. Based in Canada it was a slow launch and did not get huge traction. They later moved the base to Texas Where there is a whole bunch of network access at a very small price. GVO bought the building and set it up as a full data centre to meet any demand that came their way.
They back up their own backup and send it to another centre to ensure that the data can never be lost.

The model is based on minimal cost and wide-ranging market access to deliver big results

They own everything so they have a very low cost base and pass this on with great retail prices.

Why do they market with affiliates?

This is common with high-demand low-price products like Web Hosting and data storage. It works out a quicker way to market at a guaranteed cost per sale. Whereas advertising may well burn you if the results are bad. They want millions of customers so having salespeople all over the world promoting the product gives a much wider spread of interest.
This also generates a lot of house sales with an-attached referrals

Gotbackup has been relaunched with a big impact for affiliate marketers

Do they offer a recurring income?

This is the best business if you can build a group of followers all paying a monthly fee for years into the future. You can have a retirement income that pays every month and only requires a new business flow.

One bonus is an upfront payment of 200% commission as well as the ongoing residual.

The next is building an empire where you get paid a percentage of your downline as well. So, if you get a few good marketers in your downline your asset base grows to a substantial size
Therefore you are getting income from several different sources, on a recurring basis for an undetermined future period. Few if any affiliate plans come close to this.

Is Backup a growth product

Yes. Everyone needs their data backed up to prevent the loss of everything that is vital to them.

I send out regular emails on a variety of products and recently included my first for Gotbackup. The results were higher than I have experienced in the past 10 years of marketing, in fact so high I thought it was a mistake.

The interesting takeaway was they wanted more information on how and when to back up.
This is not a new product, many are doing a similar thing however there are several points of difference.

  1. A price advantage, with a 6 computer package it works out at about $20 a year for a full service on data storage
  2. There is at least a Terabyte of storage in the price so enough for even the big users
  3. It is a set-and-forget product. once set up it works automatically and backs up every few minutes
  4. Of course, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee
  5. Gotbackup have stood the test of time and reliability to ensure you get the best possible product
  6. The affiliate program is unmatched in the market for width and depth
  7. 24-7 customer service is available

Why would you buy backup when there are other ways to do the same thing

I smile as I answer this being one that has had to take corrupted drives to the experts to extract prised data. Yes, I have a hard drive backup that I use regularly when something alarms me. It might be every month or six months but there is always a trail of potential loss.

I have critical Data I don’t want to lose and my wife has cherished photos that are important to keep as well my business computer contains customer records that are critical to an ongoing business.

Will this be the best product of 2023?

As we become more mobile online retrieval becomes part of our lives.

Joel Therion thinks so because the masses are generally unprotected and when the price is no longer an issue and the reliability guaranteed you have a model that will succeed

Is anything new coming?

Yes, indeed there is. They are currently building a mobile app that will work on both iPhones and Androids to back up data and relate to your fixed storage. This will be a true roaming product that can be used anywhere and at any time and included in your package


You should be as excited as me about the peace of mind a reliable and automated backup can deliver.

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Gotbackup has been relaunched with a big impact by Peter Hanley

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