James Neville Taylor’s RPM: Worth the Hype?

James Neville Taylor’s RPM: Worth the Hype, or is this just another classy sales pitch? Well I have tried it so here are my conclusions

James Neville Taylor's RPM: Worth the Hype?

Rapid Product Machine

  1. Product Overview: This is an interesting story about a guy who has come back from the brink to be a leading affiliate expert. James plays a bit on his suicide attempt, but that is his personal story, and, in fact, a very good one.
    He has created a product that allows entry for beginners and experts alike and has a free entry button.

  2. Features and Benefits: The principal feature is the free entry price, but like any good program, there are a few upgrades. Notably, the pro gives you double commissions plus a couple more affiliate programs. The cost is $49.90 per month.
    Then Promax is at $97.90, and Pro VIP is at $197.90. Of course, you get a lot more, but I would certainly start low and go up as it starts to return some money.
    There is any amount of training on every part of the course so you are never left behind
    Furthermore, they have a restricted Facebook group and a Telegram account to keep you notified along the way.
  3. User Experience: I have tried a few programs like this, and most are simply too cumbersome to maintain a regular following.
    However, the focus behind this is the promotion of solo ads that will build your database.
    They have a done-for-you course that has various costs depending on what you want. I did not choose this because I wanted to see it produce money early.
    They also have a webinar that provides some good ideas but is close to a $2000 sale. This buys a product that runs it all for you.
    I was lucky because I have a Sendshark account, so I can build my database and use the attached autoresponder. This costs me $10 a month
    But it also provides that second level of affiliate income. I would recommend it. The system automatically links your potential
    They promote several ways of getting free traffic, one of which is Facebook as well as YouTube.
    I started getting leads on day one from Facebook.
  4. Effectiveness: James has done a great job of constructing a plan that anyone can use. It takes a bit of getting into it, but you know what they say about Rome. This is a long-haul opportunity, so unless you are committed to results, it is not for you.
  5. Value for Money: Well, the old saying that free is too high a price is probably true but you do get all the functions of an affiliate program
    at the entry cost. The top end is a couple of thousand dollars, but that is for one-on-one coaching and for those wanting to make serious money and have someone hold your hand on the ride
  6. Comparison: I have looked at The Millionaires Apprentice, a product by Michael Cheney that does something like this, and also a copycat product by Ben Martin with Profit Link Elite, who was trained by Michael. They all vary and it comes back to personal choice
  7. Pros and Cons:
    Pros: It starts free so you can make a decision based on the results
    It has a good structure and is easy to follow
    Excellent training videos
    Backed up with Facebook groups and Telegram notifications
    They run contests for those in the race.
    A promise of free traffic
    There are quite a few ways to pay for better processes
    There is a lot of repeated emphasis on James’s life.
    Some of the best information is in the hour-long sales pitch for the top $2000 product
    He has monthly prizes but you must be a Pro member to qualify
    Focus on buying Solo Ads

  8. Testimonials:

“I have no words to describe how much I appreciate James. He is one of my personal heroes. If you have an opportunity to work with and learn from James, don’t think twice, just do it.”
~Erick Salgado~ CEO Builderall ~
​​An 8 Figure Entrepreneur

If you get a chance to work with James, jump on it! He’s a really, really smart marketer. Take his recommendations and his advice and follow the guy to the ends of the earth…”
~Dave Sharpe~ CEO Legendary Marketer
​A Multi 9 Figure Entrepreneur  

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James Neville Taylor

Support and Updates: Of Course a support link, a Facebook group, and well as well Telegram contact

James Neville Taylor's RPM: Worth the Hype?


I like what I see and believe it is a genuine product for those who want a long-term career.

James Neville Taylor’s RPM: Worth the Hype?

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