Michael Cheney is at it again; Accelerator

Michael Cheney is at it again; Accelerator is the latest in a long range of programs. but is it any good or just a rehash?

Who is Michael Cheney

Self-declared multi-millionaire who hails from Scotland and claims to have solved the whole riddle of making money online.
In fact, he has been producing award-winning programs over the past 20 years so he does come with a lot of experience.
Importantly he is not a Los Angeles hard-hitting, money-taking Guru. Down to earth and genuine fast-talking Scotsman.

Michael Cheney is at it again; Accelerator is the product of a decade

What is the Cheney angle?

Michael has no hesitation in promising to take those who invest with him to the magical $10,000 a month, a figure we all dream about.
To do this he takes the reigns on a lot of the process but still demands that you also contribute to the result. It is Passive income with control.
Furthermore, it is a long-term asset-building empire, not a quick-fix cash burst

A done-for-you website

Many get confused between websites, funnels, Squeeze pages and blogs which are all essentially customer-gathering devices but some sell harder than others.
When you get the info at the trap door you are a mile ahead and that is what they do

Communications is paramount

How would a weekly meeting, a Facebook page, a mentor when you want one and cash coming in sound as a starting point? This is what the plan delivers and not just occasionally but all the time.
I am not sure you could ask for more but there is.

Products to sell ready for you

The first thing you need when going online is something to flog. A product that people both want and need and will give their eye teeth for.
Not just one product but several to spread the client fancy broader. Plus more to come depending on when you read this. They are getting set to launch the website builder as a stand-alone product

Information from the top

We all get a stream of expert material every day, it is written with user appeal and is what we call Shiney object syndrome. The idea is that we will flit about like fireflies spending money on crap products and keeping the cycle going. I can’t lie. A cupboard is full of courses and products that have taken me nowhere. Michael refers to this as TikTok education that delivers little or nothing in value.
When you have the best information coming from the best source your wandering habits get reigned in and you put your mind to good work.

The myth of earning money and a way around it

Everyone talks about Lamborgini’s, Holidays and flash houses and you will see the same photos used time and time again. Big money does not happen overnight. It takes time and dedication to start to enjoy the fruits of success. The Cheney group recognise this and also understand that small rewards bring large enthusiasm.
In the main program, they actually give you some customers so your cash flow starts from day one. They may be small to start but they will grow as you go along, figures in the early months can be $500 or $600 a week and you will see the members telling you all about it.
This is not propaganda it is actual income and you will share in it too. No one else does this.

The ICES principal

You will hear about this as you go along, these are principles that help you to discover your true worth.

  • Instant. When you start out on the journey you want some action and you want to be part of it
  • Certainty. We don’t believe in Neverland or Santa we want to chase real goals
  • Easy. That is the factor behind a passive income, someone else does the heavy lifting
  • Status. Most start the journey hidden away on the computer not sharing the adventure until they see it will be successful
    then and only then will you shout it from the rooftops.

Michael Cheney is at it again with this latest offering;

Michael Cheney is at it again

Everything you could want in one package that breaks all the rules and leads you to money, guaranteed.

The entry cost is a few bucks to find out the whole story. You will be asked to sign a confidentiality document along the way to protect the members from copy-style scammers. We all signed it and it is necessary if you want in.
There are no ifs and Buts with this program. It has everything you could want neatly packaged by a group that has been setting this act up for over twenty years. They know the business and are taking members along for the ride so it is an easy answer.


You have a good level of involvement but the technical parts are all done for you.
You earn money
have access to a mentor
Never search for a product again
stay focused on your future

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