Why AI can’t beat a good blogger

Why AI can’t beat a good blogger and how to come out on top. There is an important difference between robots and people

Why is a good writer preferable to AI?

Why AI Can't Beat a good blogger

First of all good writing has changed. It is now written with a difference that will get noticed.

Millions of people are blogging daily on the same sort of subjects and many of them are drawn from AI writers. Therefore the answers will be much the same as what they explain. Google must pick the best of them.

The beauty of E.A.T.

This was a Google recognition of the principal factors that will get you front-page positions in a search term

  • Experience. Are you qualified to provide an answer?
  • Authority. Do you come from an academic position?
  • Trust. Will the readers trust you enough to engage with you?

If you are missing these factors or don’t tell Google and the readers about them a good page position is very unlikely

Going out of the square

Google now seeks user intent more than Keywords. First of all, they look at where your content is going.

  • Are you seeking directions or a location?
  • Do you want to make a booking
  • Is it an explanation or review
  • Perhaps outright selling something

As you will note these all cover vastly different territories and will not cross borders. So your Keywords and content must stick to the story

Same, same but different

Why AI Can't Beat a good blogger

This is an old Bali saying when selling copy material and wanting to justify the value.
And this is the problem with current writers and particularly those using AI writers to do the work.
AI scans all available material and comes up with the best answer. That answer then forms the basis of an article, or most likely hundreds of similar articles. So they are basically the same but different.

Going all human in your blog

I use Chat GPT and started a year ago with Jasper AI writer so I recognise the research value of Robot writing.
Now I have a mixture of no AI like this post to all AI or a combination of both which is most likely. Google wants to see something not being offered by everyone else. A different viewpoint or additional information and You need to give it to them.

Web search is changing

First of all nearly half of all searching is done on a Mobile phone, which is a heap of traffic. If your information is not Mobile optimised and fast opening you will lose your volume. Then Google says people don’t want to stay on that site so I won’t recommend it and down the slippery slope you go.

Bing is taking a position

More and more we see people using Bing. When they buy a computer it comes loaded with Bing so most simply don’t change. Bing also has a new search tool that is AI-powered to get you the best response they can.
My traffic is generally split 50-50 between the two so I do check both sites for analytics.

Why AI can’t beat a good blogger

The E.A.T. factor can’t be made up. It is learned and requires attention to detail.
Therefore the human side is only available from you the writer and the selection of Keyphrases can bring readers but will it keep them?

Traffic matters

If two blogs compete for a first-page position the one with greater traffic and page time will advance and the other will be sent down to the basement.
You can bring readers from Social media or email marketing but they must do more than skim a page.
One way to hold them is to embed a video that takes on reader time and increases page time thus meeting the Google basic.


In conclusion, search is all about pandering to the carriers. They make the rules and we must follow them or be dammed by double-digit page positions.

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